About NRCprep.com

NRCprep.com is a website designed to prepare people to enter the nuclear workforce.  I conceived of the idea for the website when I was leaving the Nuclear Navy and preparing to work in the commercial nuclear industry.

 The first step to qualifying as an operator in commercial nuclear power was passing the NRC's Generic Fundamentals Exam.  Two key resources to prepare for this challenge are the DOE Fundamentals Handbooks (formerly known as Reactor Operator Fundamentals Manuals) and the NRC's Generic Fundamentals Exam (GFE) bank

However, these two government-produced resources (which truly are made for each other) were not together anywhere on the web in an accessible, user-friendly form.  You could find the DOE Fundamentals Handbooks using a search engine, but they were truly needles in a haystack, hidden in vast data vaults of far less helpful information, with obscure filenames like h1013v2.pdf.

The NRC exam banks were better organized and more accessible, but I found that an interactive quiz could be a much more engaging study tool than pages of questions with the answer printed right below.  The Naval Nuclear Training Program makes use of interactive quizzes with good success.

So I set out to build a system that leveraged both of these under-valued resources to create a training platform that was modern, useful and even fun.  NRCprep.com links all of the references needed to succeed, including Mollier diagrams, steam tables, and the  DOE Fundamentals Handbook.  I also used TCExam, open source testing software by Nicola Asuni, to host interactive quizzes and exams, drawing from a database of well over a thousand past GFE questions.  The result, I hope, is the most convenient and modern nuclear training website available.

For more information, please visit our getting started page.

As you navigate the site, you will notice some retro-looking art, related to the Eisenhower-era Atoms for Peace program.  I find the optimism of this art, and it's vision of a future of peace and nuclear-powered prosperity, inspiring, and I hope you will too.