Getting Started

Who is NRCprep for? is a valuable resource for anyone who works, or aspires to work, in the nuclear industry. Whether in engineering, operations, or maintenance, the information taught in the Fundamentals Handbooks, and tested in the Practice Exams, is essential.

Is this site only for the Nuclear Industry?

No. Much of the information on this site applies to industry in general. The Components and Thermodynamics sections of the Practice Exams will prove very relevant for anyone wanting to better understand practical, industrial design and operation.

Getting Started

If you have a background in nuclear, I advise that you dive right into the Practice Exams. They are divided by topic, and in the order in which they are typically taught in the classroom. Make liberal use of the Fundamentals Handbooks by typing terms or concepts into the search window at the top of the screen. The Practice Exams will knock the dust off of what you already know, and the Handbooks will fill in the gaps.

If you have no background in nuclear, it might be helpful to start by reading the handbooks on unfamiliar topics, and then testing your knowledge with the Practice Exams.


Due to occasional glitches in the conversion process, there may be a few errors in NRCprep's database. Often its a simple matter of formatting that does not prevent answering the question. If you find a question where you suspect an error, entering the QID (ex: P901) in the search bar will direct you to the NRC's exam bank, so you can check the original question. Also, please email me at the QID so that I can correct it in the database.